Radar Tutorial

The information presented here is intended to  present the basic
principles for understanding of how a Radar device is used to
determine the speed of an object.

Radar acronym for Radio And Detection And Ranging.
X-Band Radar: 10.525Ghz.
X-Band Radar has been banned for use in traffic enforcement since 1978, in the State of Florida.
X-Band Radar  is still used  in many other States. Problems : X-Band is subject to "Ghosting".

K-Band Radar: 24.050-24.250Ghz.
K-Band Radar is the dominent band in use today. The performance is better than X-Band and the
problem with "Ghosting" is eliminated. Analog and digital processing.

KA-Bands Radar- 33.4-36Ghz.
KA-Band Radar is in high demand due to the small size of the antennas. More costly than K-Band,
with a little more improvement in performance mainly due to large intergration of DSP Software.
Some Analog processing but mostly Digital and Microprocessor DSP Software.

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