Servers are more robust than odrinary PC Workstations.   They have more
components such as two or more hard drives, high speed processors, multiple
processors, data backup systems, etc. They are built to provide processing
capability to multiple remote workstaions in a network configuration.

Benefits of choosing  a Server over PC's:.
Data stored on a server can be sharred easily over the entire network or
remotely accessed via the Web using secure software. Newtork speed is
increased and data reliability improved. Security is controlled at a single

The purchase cost is quite a bit more than a  PC because it has more
hardware and storage devices. The Server is designed to handle the
workload of 5 or more PC Workrstations without system drag.
Well designed Servers have reliability, speed, backup capabilities, and
redundency built in. They are intended to be  used in networks serving
five or more PC's or Thin Clients or systems running a large SQL software
base. The Server is the Heart of your Network System.

The well designed server can be upgraded with newer, better and faster
hardware, storage devices and software as your needs change.

We can custom build your Server.........
Guaranteed products backed by service.
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  Do you need a central Server?
  Do you:
  • Need massave central Data storage?
  • Have 5 or more workstations on the network?
  • Need Remote Location access?
  • Want to superior network speed?
  • Want failure redundency built in?
  • Want more processing power?
  • Require single location security?
  • Need to serve multiple locations?

      If you answered Yes to two or more of these
      questions you should consider a Server.   
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