We test and certify speedometer accuracy on passanger cars and  light trucks.

                          ( We do not repair speedometers or odometers.)

Mustang Dynometer
                 Did you Get a Speeding Ticket?

  Did you know 90% of all speedometers are inaccurate.
  Many are close but only a few are "right on". If you believe
  your speedometer is incorrect  have it tested by us.

  Have your Speedometer Certified before you go to Court!
Speedometer testing is done on  a Mustang Dynomometer.

       A Court accepted  Certificate of Accuracy
       is issued showing the degree of accuracy.

       Testing conforms to FAC Rule 15B-2.011


        For questions concerning Speedometer testing call us.
                                (904) 762-1313

Speedometers are tested from 9:00 A.M till 1:00 P.M. est. daily.

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