Thin Clients are a cost effective alternative to a desktop computer.
Their size is extremely small in comparison to the full size version
of a desktop PC and they do not require upgrade maintenance.
They are a diskless workstation designed to run from a main

Benefits of choosing thin clients over PC's
Thin Clients are immune to viruses. All software is run on the server.

The purchase costs are less than PC's.They have reduced maintenance
because there no moving parts which makes them more reliable.
Ability to run applications without local PC management.

About the size of an average encyclopedia. Takes up very little
real estate on the desktop.

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Are Thin Clients right for you?
  • Do you have a server operation?
  • Do you have multiple PC's?
  • Upgrading your PC's?
  • Do you want more reliability?
  • Do you want virus immunity?
  • Do you want less maintenance?

If you answered Yes to two or more of these
questions you should consider Thin Clients.
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