PC Workstations are more powerful than Thin Clients because they have
the ability to process and store data at the location where they are being
used. They are, however, larger and more costly than Thin Clients, but offer
several advantages in their overall perfromance when properly configured.

Benefits of choosing  PC's over Thin Clients
PC Workstations can store sensitive data locally and access can be limited
by local passwords and other means. Data does not need to be stored on the
main server which is accessed by the entire network.

The purchase costs are more than Thin Clients because they have more
hardware and storage devices included in them.
Local programs can be run independent of the server operations. Multiple
programs can be run at the same time. Local security can be implemented.

Most well designed PC Workstations can be upgraded with newer and better
hardware, storage devices and software as your needs change.

We custom build PC Workstations.........
Guaranteed products backed by service.
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    Are PC Workstations right for you?
    Do you:
  • Need local Data storage?
  • Need to operate independently?
  • Need to run multiple programs?
  • Need to limit access to local only?
  • Need more desktop processing power?
  • Want ability to upgrade hardware?

If you answered Yes to two or more of these
questions you should consider PC Workstations.
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